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Your company's involvement in the community is a large contributor to its success. Marketing connected to a cause is currently very popular with businesses of all sizes, and when your business actively supports a charity or social issue, it brings positive attention to your brand. Because modern consumers depend on their beliefs to drive their purchasing decisions, effective cause marketing helps build a loyal customer base while leaving a positive impact.

As part of our cause marketing efforts, Meredith Carolina sponsors on-air segments called Surprise Squad. This initiative helps local brands gain attention by providing needed products or services to someone deserving in our viewing community.

If you are ready to make a difference with your brand, sponsorship in the Surprise Squad campaign is a wonderful opportunity.    

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Surprise Squad

Surprise Squad is a cause marketing initiative that pairs local sponsors with FOX Carolina (WHNS) to bring relief to neighbors in need. Partner organizations and local viewers in the community are asked to nominate worthy candidates and receive a televised surprise that includes a much-needed donation from a local business. The application process requires filling out a form to explain who's being nominated and why that person or organization is a good candidate. 

From the hundreds of nominations received each month, the FOX Carolina Surprise Squad selects worthy nominees who have made a difference in the community. Once a winner has been selected, the team makes a daytime surprise visit to award the prize accompanied by corresponding sponsors. It's a chance for businesses to get out into the community and let neighbors know they care. 

Sponsor: American Veteran Air Conditioning

FOX Carolina recently partnered with American Veteran Air Conditioning to surprise an Upstate Army veteran with a new heating and air conditioning unit for his home. Out of work since the pandemic, the worthy recipient and his family suffered through sweltering weeks when their HVAC system went out in the middle of summer. High energy bills were on the horizon as the family expected to rely on electrical heaters for indoor warmth when temperatures begin to drop. The recipient, who proudly served our country, was nominated for the surprise by Upstate Warrior Solution.   

This segment of Surprise Squad brought relief to a family and positive, community-centric exposure to American Veteran Air Conditioning, Upstate Warrior Solution, and Meredith Carolina. Not only those directly involved, but the entire community benefits when we share these feel good stories with our viewers. Your business can be at the heart of such a gesture.

Sponsor: United Community Bank

An earlier segment brought FOX Carolina together with United Community Bank to bring attention to the non-profit organization Partners for Active Living (PAL). The partnership provided needed support to this group that fosters healthy eating, active living, and health equality in the community in the form of a Surprise Squad gift of $1,000. Unable to hold their yearly fundraiser due to COVID-19, PAL was honored to receive this unexpected donation.

How Your Involvement in Social Causes Can Benefit Your Business 

Cause marketing not only does good for the community, it also benefits your brand. Consumers want to do business with companies that share their values, and when your business publicly supports a social issue, it marks the brand as one with the integrity to stand up for worthy causes. Consumers with similar cares will remember your company's social involvement and tie it into their purchasing decisions.  

Cause marketing is a cost-effective way to add purpose to your marketing while helping others. The Surprise Squad is just one of the ways Meredith Carolina reinforces our position in support of the community.

How to Get Involved with Surprise Squad

If you are ready to make a difference with your brand, cause marketing is an excellent opportunity. To get involved with Meredith Carolina's Surprise Squad initiative, contact a member of our team today. Sponsorships are available for positioning your brand alongside our efforts to bring joy to our community.

Community partnerships are so important for everyone involved. Not only do they establish your business as a caring member of the community, they help those in need and bring attention to your brand. Creating personal relationships with our viewers has always been a priority for Meredith Carolina, and we are proud to be a part of this community. We offer a host of opportunities to join our established cause initiatives, we can position your brand alongside them or help you get started on a tailored campaign.

Your media partner will point you in the right direction to have the biggest impact.

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