Making Your Marketing Intersect: How to Set Up a Multi-Platform System

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Oct 19, 2021 10:11:00 AM


Making Your Marketing Intersect How to Set Up a Multi-Platform System

Reaching your customers is crucial to growing your business, and spreading your message across multiple channels increases your odds of success. If you can extend your reach on several platforms, people will encounter and become more familiar with your brand quicker, which helps your message resonate. Customers might first see your brand in a TV ad, followed by coming across you again in a social media ad or another online ad. Over time, they'll grow comfortable with and trust your brand.  

Here are some tips for implementing multi-platform marketing to help you learn how to use multi-platform advertising to its full potential. 

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How Multi-Platform Marketing Reaches Customers 

Multi-platform marketing comes with a variety of benefits. These campaigns can introduce multiple touchpoints to help nurture customers along the buyer's journey. Launching ads on various platforms keeps your brand top-of-mind among consumers, as it increases chances for customers to see your ads. It also makes each encounter more meaningful since they’ll see different aspects of your brand. Ultimately, your multi-platform marketing efforts can help cut through the noise and gain customers' attention more effectively. 

A successful multi-platform campaign that integrates both TV and digital marketing efforts could do so by encouraging viewers to visit your website using your commercial. People who see your TV ad will learn about your site. If they don't visit the website immediately, they might still reencounter the brand while browsing online and remember the ad, making them more comfortable clicking on it. They may encounter your ads in various places, whether they see a paid ad when performing a search on Google for the products you offer, come across a banner ad in a news article, or may see your ads on social media platforms like Facebook. The more frequently and prominently they see your brand, the more likely they'll engage with your online presence, particularly if they recognize you from TV.  

Develop a Consistent Look 

Making Your Marketing Intersect: How to Set Up a Multi-Platform SystemYour marketing materials need to be perfectly aligned to ensure that customers see ads and recognize them as uniquely yours. As people come across your logos, color schemes, messaging, and other materials that set you apart, you'll hold their attention. People will be more inclined to trust your brand if you have a specific, definable identity that differentiates you from a sea of monotonous competitors. 

You can achieve a consistent look across your marketing by setting a style guide for marketers. It will help make your voice consistent and ensure all your marketing carries the same general look and feel. In turn, your campaigns will be unmistakably your brand's, leading to significantly more recognition among audiences.  

Refer Across Your Channels 

Referring across your marketing channels helps to acknowledge your other channels within your ad campaigns. You can encourage customers to visit your website or TV ads, making people more likely to click through your digital ads. You can also point people to social media pages in your TV ads and marketing content, driving traffic and followers to these channels. Doing so helps you get the most out of every channel as you interlink them to each other. 

Cross-channel referrals build credibility and increase trust while boosting engagement and improving your online presence. As you give people multiple touchpoints to interact with, they'll spend more time interacting with your brand. Over time, this can contribute to increased conversions and more sales. 

Track How Customers Interact with You 

Making Your Marketing Intersect: How to Set Up a Multi-Platform SystemMulti-platform marketing expands your advertising and can maximize both exposure and recognition. However, it's crucial to track your analytics to understand how your efforts are working. Based on the results of your campaigns, you may need to make certain adjustments and better measure your marketing ROI.  

To allow for effective tracking, you need to learn how to use additional channels. Some of these channels may be more challenging to track than others, but you'll be able to gauge success by using specific metrics. If you need assistance with tracking the success of your efforts when implementing multi-platform marketing, a media partner can help manage these campaigns. With a media partner available to help implement and track your campaigns, you can experience long-term success with every channel.  

Build a Strong Connection with Audiences Through Multi-Platform Systems 

Using more channels in your marketing extends your reach and increases engagement with prospective customers. The more wide-reaching your marketing is, the more you'll have the chance to stand apart and resonate. As a result, you'll build more recognition with consistent branding across all channels, leading to more trust in your brand as people interact with you through multiple touchpoints. As you establish a lasting connection with your customers, you'll keep them regularly engaged, helping to increase both conversions and sales. 

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