Is Lifestyle Marketing Right for Your Business?

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Aug 17, 2021 12:19:12 PM


Is Lifestyle Marketing Right for Your Business?

Today, consumers prioritize a brand's values above almost everything else when deciding between companies. As many as 77% of consumers say that they buy from brands that share the same values as they do, and 65% of them add that their purchasing decisions are influenced by the words, values, and actions of a company's leaders. 

Lifestyle marketing can come into play to increase this connection with your audience and boost your reach significantly. By appealing to your target audience's ideals, aspirations, and values, lifestyle marketing ensures that your brand aligns with your consumers' lifestyles. It allows you to build and maintain bonded relationships between your products and the lifestyle audience it benefits.  

Consider the following questions to determine if lifestyle marketing is right for your business.  

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Do Your Products Make Life Easier?  

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 10.19.27 AMIf your product makes your audience's life easier in any way, then lifestyle marketing is likely an excellent choice for you. It can heighten advertising for products that solve issues and improve lives, especially if customers did not realize they had these issues.  

Nike is an excellent example of lifestyle marketing because they've marketed their brand as the ultimate athlete gear, aimed at "bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world — if you have a body, you're an athlete." Their audience looks to Nike to fulfill their needs and wants in comfort and flexibility, allowing them to reach beyond their dreams without limitations. 

Their products make people's lives easier by introducing product lines that add comfort with high-quality shoes, clothing, athletic gear that can otherwise limit an athlete's achievements and capabilities on the field, court, and track. Identify what about your brand makes life easier and use lifestyle marketing to communicate it to the right group. 

Is Your Product Complex?  

A significant component of lifestyle marketing relies on demonstration, and complex products benefit significantly from in-depth overviews of their performance. For this reason, their format is longer at 3 to 4 minutes, compared to 30-60 seconds for standard commercials. That greater degree of explanation benefits your company and products, allowing you to promote your brand more and establish a face to your company. 

A great example of lifestyle marketing is on Fox Carolina's Morning News at 10. Power Swabs are fully described and detailed by Lifestyle Expert Scott DeFalco in a little more than 5 minutes. In the discussion, benefits ("younger, healthier, feel more confident") are highlighted, two tutorials are given, life without this product (having yellow teeth) is discussed, and an expert demonstration of how easy it is to use the product is given. The product's results are shown, additional advantages (cosmetic and health) are discussed, and an exclusive offer for Fox Carolina's audience is also included. 

This information is vital for the product and could never be so eloquently displayed for consumers in a commercial. Even better, they'll also be on the show's website and social for sharing, and you can post your TV segment or similar demonstrations on your website or social media for sharing, as well. 

Can You Show Off Many Uses?  

Lifestyle marketing is particularly efficient at demonstrating products with various uses because the captive audience allows you to display products in-depth and offer tips about using your products. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 10.19.41 AM

It gives you the time to show consumers how to use your product to its maximum potential. You go further than selling its value to potential customers to enhance current customer experiences with your product in ways they may not have known possible. Take, for instance, a product like baking soda. Sure, you can use it in baking — but you can also use it for bee stings, sunburns, upset stomachs, cleaner, deodorant, and more.  

Another lifestyle marketing benefit is that it can also highlight how a product fits into the consumer's lifestyle by improving it in some capacity. If your product results are more dramatic, they will have more impact with your audience on-air. 

Lifestyle Marketing: Resonate More Deeply with Your Audience 

Lifestyle marketing has many benefits associated with it and has done a lot for many of the Fortune 500 companies you know today. So, if your brand and business can make your audience's life easier, has some complexity, and can be used in many ways, there's no better way to market it to your consumers. 

It can create brand loyalists by adding more value to your product and aligning it with something your target audience will benefit from and use for a lifetime — not just right now.  

Products that benefit consumers or have optimal style resonate more deeply with audiences through lifestyle marketing. If your product can do that, you'll want to make sure it is communicated correctly in your messages and interactions with consumers — working with a media partner can ensure that it is. 

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