How Often Should You Change Your TV Ads?

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Nov 12, 2020 9:25:00 AM


How Often Should You Change Your TV Ads?

A successful media campaign combines persuasive creative with a strong marketing strategy to deliver the best results. A long-term strategy will give you the opportunity to keep your creative fresh and your target audience engaged as you continue to deliver high-quality content. 

How often should you change your TV ads? What best practices should you keep in mind? Consider these key tips for building your TV ad strategy. 

Refresh Your Creative Every Quarter

A good rule of thumb is to refresh your creative at least once every three months. Let your customers see something new from your business, whether it's a new campaign or a fresh look at exactly what you have to offer. A single commercial won't last the entire year before it becomes played out. After consumers have seen the same commercial several times, they may no longer notice it. On the other hand, if you continue to offer fresh, interesting creative, you'll be more likely to catch consumers' attention. 

Consumers may no longer notice the same commercial after seeing it several times

Budget for multiple commercials and edit your creative to highlight specials or sales windows. For example, you might create specific commercials designed to highlight the back to school season, or put out creative designed just for the holidays. Keep your ads timely and current to encourage consumer interest. 

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Maintain a Consistent Strategy

Your creative needs to be relevant and fresh within the vein of your long-term strategy. By utilizing different tactics, you can more effectively reach a wider target base and continue to keep things relevant to your customers. 

Your long-term advertising goals should focus on driving brand awareness and inspiring a specific call to action. Not every customer will be ready to make a purchase the first time they see your ad. They may, however, develop a deep connection to your brand over time due to your ads, especially if you have a consistent strategy. 

Make sure that when customers are ready to make a purchase, they know what steps they need to take. Even campaigns that frequently change ads should maintain the same creative strategy throughout so that consumers have the same ongoing experience with your brand. By including your ads as part of an overall long-term strategy, you increase your brand consistency. Brands with strong consistency can see as much as a 33% increase in revenue.

The benefits of consistent branding

Create a Plan

As you develop your TV ad strategy, you need a solid plan or guidelines that will help you achieve your creative goals and fit within your budget. Consider:

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  • How long will your TV ad campaign run? Is this a short-term campaign used to promote a product launch, or a long-term campaign to build brand awareness? 
  • What is the frequency? How often will the ad air? The more frequently it airs, the more likely consumers will see it. 
  • Are there seasonal changes to the campaign? Special offers? Sales windows? Take each of those shifts into consideration as you plan your overall campaign. For example, you might need to create a fresh ad for your holiday marketing campaign or as your favorite sports team gears up for the season. 
  • How many ads are needed for the campaign? Some campaigns, for example, may include a series of ads, while others may focus more specifically on just one or two. 
  • Can the ads be used beyond the initial campaign window, or are they bound by specific terms that fit this exact campaign? Often, you can recycle your creative to use it for other purposes or adapt it to fit future ads, but you need to carefully consider those elements before launching your campaign. 

Identifying these key factors can help you determine a budget for your TV ad campaign. You want a budget that will fit your needs and allow you to deliver the content and creative consumers want to see. 

Work closely with a media partner to determine the TV ad creative you need to reach your target audience with high quality content while delivering great marketing results. 

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