Are you Working with a Media Salesperson or a Media Partner?

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Working with an experienced media partner to expand your brand awareness with a robust marketing strategy can change your position in the market. Through increased brand awareness, you can maintain a larger market share, keep your business top of mind, and see immense growth. To make the best possible choices for your business, however, you need to be sure that you're working with the right type of partner. Are you working with a media partner or a media salesperson?  

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How is a Media Partner Different From a Media Salesperson?

Are you Working with a Media Salesperson or a Media Partner?Essentially, a media partner and a media salesperson have the same job: to connect you with marketing services that will help you grow your brand and expand your presence. A media partner, however, starts with a different focus. Instead of hitting numbers--the primary concern of most salespeople--a genuine media partner wants to create a plan that will help your business grow and succeed. 

While salespeople often focus on simply making the next sale and may push the marketing elements that they're getting the best return for at the moment, a media partner is more interested in working as a consultant. They want to determine what your brand needs and how each tool can help you grow. If it's not a tactic that will help you reach your goals, a media partner will not recommend it for your business, no matter how convenient it might be for the company. Instead, they remain client-oriented to help you meet your objectives. 

Why You Should Be Working With a Media Partner

Are you Working with a Media Salesperson or a Media Partner?A media partner is focused on helping you grow your business: creating a marketing plan and designing campaigns to help you reach your goals. A media partner will start by asking the questions that will help you determine your needs. What are your goals for the year? What does your marketing budget look like? Who is your target audience? A media partner will start by evaluating those factors to help get a better idea of precisely what you need for your brand.

Unique Solutions for Your Brand

Once you have identified your needs together, a media partner will offer solutions to help you achieve those goals within your budget, including TV marketing, social media, digital ads, lifestyle marketing, and more. Imagine, for example, that you're a small local furniture business without an online presence.  Since we don’t do a lot of SEM/SEO, can we use a different example like social media?

A medical care provider, for example, might have dramatically different needs. You might want to sponsor a local lifestyle show or local news segment to help raise awareness about your practice and keep your brand in front of a wide target audience. 

Continuing Support and Service

When you choose to work with a media partner, the service doesn't end once you've made a purchase. Instead, a media partner will continue to work with you to establish what's working for your brand, what isn't working, and what you might need to change moving forward. Your media partner will give you a solid look at the analytics for each of your marketing choices and help you adapt as you go, rather than locking you into a plan that isn't working.  

An experienced media partner will help you find the right tools for your business and connect you with them. Instead of trying to sell you on services you may not need, your media partner will keep your goals in mind and help you design a marketing plan that fits.

If you're ready to see real growth in your business and create a marketing plan that genuinely fits your needs, start by working with an experienced media partner.

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