4 Ways To Know How Much I Should Be Spending On TV Advertising

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Nov 23, 2020 5:00:00 PM


4 Ways To Know How Much I Should Be Spending On TV Advertising

Before you consider starting a TV ad campaign, you're likely asking, "How much is a TV commercial?" Commercials can range from around a few hundred dollars per ad to as much as several thousand. Some commercials can cost up to millions to procure, including Super Bowl ads. The cost of each ad is based on the thousands of people you may reach with each commercial exposure.

TV commercials are still considered one of the most effective marketing tactics you can deploy, but multiple factors go into pricing. Some of the aspects that play into the total price for ad placement could include:

  • The length of the ad
  • Who produces the ad
  • The market where the ad airs, such as the network
  • How many times the ad airs
  • The types of shows airing around the ad, be it sports, news, prime time, or other broadcasts

While the potential cost of commercials may deter you from pursuing them, the average TV ad isn't as expensive as you might think. Here are four ways to determine how much you should spend on TV advertising.

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Creating Your TV Ad

Local TV stations frequently rely on in-house production teams to write and produce ads. Local stations know their audience well and understand whom to target with your ads, but the most effective length and the frequency of the commercial.

Working with experts who understand which ads perform best and what your audiences want can optimize your campaigns, which means you'll be able to get the most from your TV ad spend.

Choosing the Right Airtime

It's also essential to choose the appropriate time to air your ads. Consider airing your ads during primetime, generally around 8 to 11 p.m. People have settled in after work during primetime and are ready to end the night watching their favorite shows. However, airing during primetime will also cost you more for extra exposure.

Even if you can't afford to push for primetime ad placement, a media partner can help you pinpoint the precise airtime when your target audience is most likely to view your ads. Depending on your demographic, you may find that your audience is most active in the middle of the day or the morning, well outside of typical primetime hours. Some audiences may also watch more TV on specific days of the week, with varying times depending on the day.

Investing for the Long-Term

If you want to maximize the ROI of your TV budget, the best way to do so is to invest in a long-term advertising campaign. It's easy to think about quick wins and ways to achieve short-term goals with timely ads, but you'll get the best results if you're in it for the long game. It's incredibly valuable to think long term when building brand awareness. 

Long-term ad campaigns allow you to:

  • Build more brand awareness
  • See a steady stream of new leads
  • Make your brand more memorable and recognizable

Work with a Media Partner to Get the Most from a TV Advertising Campaign

By spending toward high-quality creative, choosing the best possible airtime for your ads, and investing in a long-term campaign, you can get the best value for your TV ad spend. To get the best possible results, consider working with a team of experienced professionals who know just how to reach your target audience. 

With a reputable media partner by your side, you can develop a solid plan and achieve your goals with the most cost-effective solution. Subsequently, you'll be able to maximize exposure and brand recognition among audiences while increasing your ROI.

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